Fredag, Augusti 23 / 18:00


Let us introduce you to: an Extravagant Crayfish Dinner Party!

Menu (served at the table)

Chantarell toast with whitefish roe / Kantarelltoast med löjrom
0,5 kg Swedish crayfish / 0,5 kg svenska signalkräftor
Crayfish bisque / Kräftbisque
Västerbotten cheese pie / Västerbottenpaj
Cumin crunch & flatbread with butter & herb cheese / Kumminknäcke & tunnbröd med smör & kryddost
Creamy pavlova with berries / Krämig pavlova med bär

Food package: 690 SEK/person

For this evening we will invite one of our favorite DJ’s and provide you with the essential Crayfish Party accessories.

Very limited spots so if you snooze, you loose.

Can't wait to go craycray with you.

/Blique by Nobis