Torsdag, November 14 / 19:00

Live by Blique - Simon Zion

Welcome to a Thursday Live Jazz Sessions with

~ Simon Zion ~

Simon Zion is a guitarist, vocalist, producer and songwriter from Finland that grew up in the north of Sweden and currently lives in Stockholm. He has a unique relationship to music and plays everything from jazz & soul to rock. He is currently involved recording and performing with several musical projects in Scandinavia and Los Angeles.

Simon has many times been mentioned in the same sentence as greats like Hendrix, Miles, Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain. He doesn't like to dwell too much on musical genres but sees instead compositions as channels for different emotions. Simon puts a strong emphasis on connecting with his audience and fellow musicians through improvisation and what happens in the moment. So be sure to be there to capture it.

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See you in the lounge

/Blique by Nobis