Welcome to restaurant Boketto, a dining experience in an elegant and urban setting. At Boketto we currently serve breakfast, lunch, and our popular brunch during weekends. | 08-557 666 20


Welcome to mornings at Blique. We serve a classic European breakfast mixed with healthy modern choices like overnight oats, sourdough bread, and a selection of colorful juices.

Brunch by Blique

Super food avocado toast and chicken waffles - Welcome to a savory weekend brunch where it is all about comfort and tastiness. The menu is inspired by vibrant Streetfood we've eaten around the world. The brand-new brunch menu offers a little something for every mood.


We welcome you to savory lunches at restaurant Boketto. Our lunch menu is inspired by tasty Streetfood that we have eaten at food markets around the world.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 07.00-10.00
Sat-Sun 07.30-11.00

Monday-Friday 11.30-14.00

Closed for summer