How to stay creative with fashion worker Tyra-Stina Wilhelmsson

This is a story written by Blique by Nobis

Photography: Ellen Nielsen
Creative models: Tyra-Stina Wilhelmsson & Emma Fridsell

We invited three of our favourite creatives for an inspirational photoshoot at the
construction site of Blique by Nobis. While we were at it, we asked Tyra-Stina Wilhelmsson
to share her first impression of our project, how she stay's on top of her creative game and some golden gems in Stockholm.

You have a unique style and you make fashion fun with your quirky photoshoots. From where do you get your inspiration to always stay creative?

T: For me, the secret has been to dare myself feeling non-inspired from time to time. To be ok with drying out and peeling it off until I reach a ground feeling that inspires me to get up and be creative again. In fact, this up-down-and-up-again process itself also inspires me, I often try to express it through my photoshoots.

What was your immediate feeling when you first
stepped into the construction site of Blique by Nobis?

T: Walking into the construction site of Blique by Nobis felt like hitting the framework of a beautiful and artistic cherry-tree, where the cherry-blossoms can’t wait to get in full bloom for spring. Rough and raw, soon to be without flaw.

What are your your favourite
inspirational spots in Stockholm?

T: Acne Archive for great bargains, Eytys for shoes, Lottas Vintage for second hand shopping and the Museum of Photography for inspiration.

Adresses and distances from Blique by Nobis:

Acne Archive, Torsgatan 53, 5 min by foot.

Eytys - Norrlandsgatan 22, 30 min by foot or 10 min by bike.

Lottas Vintage - Upplandsgatan 45, 10 min by foot.

The Museum of Photography - Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 20 min by bike or 30 min with public transportation.